grandpa sitting on his wheelchair looking outside the door

There are multiple factors that need to be considered when trying to match a person with the assisted living home that would be right for them, including fees, amenities, medical needs (both current and future), and much more. With the help of a Senior Living Referral Service, acquiring this information can be a manageable and often times overwhelming task. However, with the help of a Senior Living Referral Service, that information is at your fingertips because those services do all of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you and present you with the information to make the best decision.

  • Put the needs of seniors first.
  • Use our expertise, knowledge, ongoing & updated database, and influence in the community to recommend the best possible care for seniors.
  • Recommend senior communities that offer security, dignity, specialized services, and compassionate care.
  • Reduce stress
  • Saves unnecessary frustration
  • Proudly operate and maintain the utmost standards and ethics.
  • Stellar reputation resulting in excellent outcomes
  • Philosophy of quality, not quantity

Our services are provided at no cost to seniors and their families! Our objective is to alleviate your concerns by conducting thorough research and presenting the best senior living options within your budget. Our personalized approach ensures attentive, compassionate service, which distinguishes us from national companies with minimal involvement and remote service provision.

Our Step-by-Step Process For Finding Your New Community..
Contacting us marks the initial step in our process.
Our Step-by-Step Process For Finding Your New Community…
Our initial consultation covers the following aspects (at a minimum):

  • Assessment of personal care needs, medical conditions, medications, dietary requirements, and mobility.
  • Evaluation of memory needs, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, including associated challenges like wandering or combative behavior.
  • Consideration of activity level, religious beliefs, hobbies, special interests, and preferences for visits from friends and family.
  • Determination of preferred location, whether urban, rural, or proximity to public transportation.
  • Review of financial information and budget to ensure the suitability of options presented.